Friday, April 17, 2015

SSYRA Fun! 2015 Edition

Voting booths ready to go!

This past year I've been honored to chair the Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Committee for the Florida Association for Media in Education and the Florida Department of Education. It has been a fun, rewarding experience that is also a lot of hard work. (What rewarding experience ISN'T hard work, though?!)

My mom volunteering!
Our school participates in the SSYRA program every year.  For the last several years, I've thrown a Pizza Voting Party for the students who read at least 3 of the SSYRA books. They come to the library during their lunchtime to vote for their favorite SSYRA book, have some pizza and cookies, and have fun with their friends.  (Did you know it is SO FUN to EAT in the library??) 
Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office ROCKS!

The Leon County Supervisor of Elections brings a voting machine and privacy booths so that the students can vote on official election equipment - just like their parents do!  They vote, they get an I Voted sticker, and then they party. 
Our voting machine
Custom ballots and I Voted stickers
Our voters doing their civic duty
Lined up and ready to vote!

Students who read all 15 SSYRA books are awarded with a special t-shirt at the party.  It's quite a remarkable accomplishment.  This year, we had over 200 voters and 10 students who read all 15 books.  I'm so proud of them, and so pleased they liked this year's books.

We love Dominos! They make 2 deliveries so the pizza is fresh and hot!

SSYRA books and Capri Suns - a great combination
I have the best colleagues!

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