Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Almost too busy

It's been a really busy week.  I feel like I am juggling several different things this week, and doing a poor job at all of them.  I've been frustrated because it has been difficult to prioritize my projects and tasks, and the many interruptions (which are normal) have been more irritating this week. I keep reminding myself that none of the projects on my To Do list are life-or-death matters.  Everything is going to be fine. Everything IS fine.  But as someone with a Type A personality, who gives 200% to everything, that's hard to remember sometimes.

Yesterday, I was working at my desk on a project.  I was really focused.  I had tuned out everything else in the library - the noise, the commotion, my assistants, the kids.  I had been interrupted a grillion times (an exaggeration, of course, but it felt real), when a third grade boy walked into my office to show me the books he had picked to check out.  I was frustrated and close to snapping at him, but before I did I quickly reminded myself that HE was not the reason I was stressed out.  HE was not the reason I was frustrated.  HE was not the reason I was low on patience.  But, in fact, HE (and the other kids, of course) was the reason that I get up every day, and go to work, and LOVE my job.  So I pushed my chair away from my desk, turned, and listened to him.

He showed me two books he had picked out: one about electricity, and one called Weird-But-True Facts About Science.  Since kindergarten, this child has loved non-fiction books and especially books about science.  Last year, he read a book about the water cycle, and then stood and explained the phases of the water cycle to his teacher and me.

Yesterday he said, "I just love books about science." I told him I was so glad he did.  He then told me that the reason he NEEDED these books was because he and his friend (another 3rd grade boy) had a plan for when they are adults.  When they turn 20 years old, and they're adults, they're going to create the X-Box 2000.  And it's going to be a band that wraps around your head and you're going to use brainwaves to control it with your mind.  He said that in order to be able to create this game, he needs to know all about electricity and science.  So he's reading books now so that he can learn everything he needs to know in order to create this game.

He was 100% sincere about this.  He was 100% serious.  I 100% believe he will do this if he puts his mind to it.

I can only hope that the library books he's checking out as an elementary student will play a role in this grand plan of his.  I hope that his love of reading, and books, will contribute to his becoming a lifelong learner and reader.  For a librarian, that's the dream, right?

I was instantly so glad that he interrupted me. Honestly, I feel honored that he told me about his plan.  I can't believe I almost missed out on this super cool moment because I was *busy* working. 

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