Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chicken Pops

I bought some cute window clings at Joann Fabrics (using my teacher discount, of course) to celebrate the beginning of spring. The bunnies looked so cute smelling these spring flowers.  A student took all the centers of the flowers and put them on a bunny to make it polka-dotted.  Later that day, a 2nd grader told me, "Ms. Underhill, I think that bunny got the chicken pops!"  So cute.

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2014

One of our favorite library events is Poem In Your Pocket Day. Celebrated during National Poetry Month in April, it's a day to keep a favorite poem in your pocket to share with friends.  Students and teachers really enjoy sharing poetry, and it's a great way to encourage creativity and appreciation for literature.

We used the windows of my office for the PIYPD display (we also had many poetry books on display in another area of the library). We hung pairs of real children's jeans and shorts and put some poems in the pockets. We also hung lots of cool paper pockets designed by my library assistants, my intern, and some students. Each pocket held copies of fun poems that the students could carry with them on PIYPD.

Our 5th grade classes connected with classes in Texas and Jacksonville to share poems and celebrate PIYPD. It was a blast!

New Library Sign!

Inspired by many of my librarian friends on Twitter, I purchased this awesome sign from Demco. It's really affordable, and we've already found that it's a great way to communicate library events to the students.  We have been advertising a library event or news on one side, and then putting a book quote on the other side.  The senior class even changed the message for us on their senior prank day!