Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lissa is Priceless!

Don't you just love it when you meet an author (or talk to them, or Tweet with them) of a book you absolutely love, and they are every bit as awesome and amazing as you imagined?  Yea. Me, too.

My school book club read Starters by Lissa Price last fall, and of course fell in love with it like I did.  It's a great book with an unusual concept and a suspenseful plot.  [Side Note: she got the idea for the book during a visit to Costco. No lie. Read this.] We loved discussing it in book club meetings because there were so many deep issues to think about and discuss.  I rarely had to lead the discussion because the students had so much to say about the book.  On their own, they made predictions, asked questions, and pushed each other to think deeper.

I tweeted the author and asked if she would talk to the book club about it.  (They had so many good questions for her that only she could answer.)

Not only did Ms. Price agree to talk to my students, she talked to them TWICE!  We have 2 book clubs - one during each of the secondary lunches - and she spoke with BOTH of them!  She was soooooo generous with her time, and answered every question they had.  She even gave them a little hint about what might happen in the sequel, Enders, which was published the same week.  They felt like they were real insiders getting highly confidential information that no one else had.  It.Was.Awesome.

It won't surprise you to know that Starters is on the Florida Sunshine State Young Readers' Award list (grades 6-8), the Florida Teens Read list (grades 9-12), as well as many other state award lists.  It's just that awesome.  And so is the author.

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