Monday, December 2, 2013

We Are Thankful

My friend's family always has a "Thankful Tree" at their house for Thanksgiving.  Each member of the family -- and friends who stop by -- writes down what they're thankful for on a leaf that is then added to the tree.  She offered to come to school and put up a Thankful Tree for us this year as well.  However, our high school art student (aka the Library Artist in Residence) really wanted to make the tree, so she and two friends created this beautiful work of art.  We put it up right at the beginning of November and left it up for the month. (In fact, it's still up. It's going to be hard to take it down!)

Students, teachers, staff, and parents all contributed leaves of thanks to the tree. It was really fun to read everyone's leaves. Some were heart-warming, some were funny, and all were truly sincere.  I lost a few Sharpies to the cause, but I'll take that any day when it means the students are digging deep and giving thanks.  By the end of the month, the tree was completely covered - and then some!

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