Monday, December 9, 2013

That's a fact, Jack!

Who doesn't love Uncle Si Robertson and his many Si-isms?  If you're not familiar with Duck Dynasty, you need to know that Uncle Si often says, "that's a fact, Jack!"  I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to display non-fiction books in the library, so I recently put these pictures of Si with his famous words of wisdom out on display with some non-fiction books.  Some of the books were about Duck Dynasty-related topics such as hunting, fishing, and animals.  Others were just non-fiction books that I thought would interest the kids but may not be titles that are highly circulated.

The books FLEW off this display.  We had to restock the display at least once a day while we had it up.  It sparked a lot of discussion among the students, and got a lot of attention.  Just what I wanted!

Fans of the show may catch my little joke in the pictures below: I put a book about beavers next to one of the signs. (The Robertsons have a severe dislike for beavers, who cause problems in the rivers where they like to fish.)

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  1. My kids are crazy for Duck Dynasty. Great job incorporating something you students enjoy and are drawn to! Thanks for the idea!