Thursday, September 19, 2013


Last year during National Picture Book Month, I offered the students the opportunity to check out an extra item from the library as long as they checked out at least 1 picture book.  They were able to check out 4 items instead of just 3.  This was especially exciting for the students whose teachers require them to check out only Accelerated Reader (AR) books in their reading level, because their 4th book could be any book of their choice!

I don't know who enjoyed it more - the kids or me!  I was thrilled that they were so happy to check out more books than usual and that they could pick anything their heart desired.  It was F-U-N.

It was so F-U-N that I decided to do more of this. In January, I let them check out an extra book as long as one of their books was a graphic novel.  In February, we celebrated "Four Book Februrary" and in March we celebrated "Magazine March." April was "Actual April" - they could check out a 4th book as long as at least one book was non-fiction.

Fast forward to the beginning of this school year. During a back-to-school library orientation with a fourth grade class, a student asked me if we were going to offer any "specials" this year.  I had to think for a moment about what a "special" could be.  Then I realized what the student meant!  Yep, we'll be offering monthly "specials" again this year, starting with "How-To October." Think: origami, cookbooks, how to draw books...

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