Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Dot Day 2013!

Last week we celebrated International Dot Day at FSUS. Dot Day is just too much fun for just one day - we need at least a week to celebrate!

After meeting author Peter Reynolds this summer at the American Library Association conference, I was so excited to get our kids and teachers involved in the celebration of such a wonderful book. (If you don't know the book The Dot, check out this animated version.) Dot Day is a celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration.
Author of The Dot, Peter Reynolds

When we started school this year, I approached our awesome art teachers about participating in Dot Day activities.  [Side Note: our art teachers are really the best of the best. They're cool, they're hip, they're fun, they're amazing artists, and they LOVE what they do.  I really do want to be one of them when I grow up. I am always grateful when they let me hang out with them and pretend to be cool like they are.]

My dot, made with liquid watercolor paint and shaving cream!
All of our art teachers (elementary, middle and high school) got excited about Dot Day and worked it into their lesson plans. Elementary students painted dots on paper plates (some even used their handprints!), and middle school and high school students drew zentangles, and painted dots with paint and shaving cream!  The high school graphic design students created their dots using computer graphics programs, and hung them from the umbrellas at the tables in the school courtyard. (I made my dot with paint and shaving cream, and I have to say I'm pretty proud of it!)  High school art teacher Debi Barrett-Hayes made us all Dot Day t-shirts!

Even Cat in the Hat has a dot!
Beautiful window art
One of our high school students (also known as our Artist in Residence) created a beautiful Dot Day display in the windows of the library.  She left room for our students to make their mark by signing their names.

We wore dots, we ate dots, we hung dots all over the Library doors and windows... and we talked about how we can make our mark on the world.  What a great way to start our school year.

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