Sunday, September 16, 2012

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs...

After rearranging and reorganizing the books and the sections of the library this summer, I wanted to install new signage in the library.  In the past, I always printed our signs myself, but I wanted the new signage to look really professional and sophisticated.

So I called my friend Kim Williams, owner of The Polka Dot Press, and designer extraordinaire.  She runs a wonderful store in Tallahassee where you can pick up beautiful gifts and custom items, but you can also call her to order and she'll ship to you.  Check out her blog for great ideas - I've stolen quite a few of her ideas for the library (evidence can be found here).

Kim designed, printed, and laminated all of these Dewey signs and shelf labels for me for a very reasonable price.  I gave her a list of the signs I needed, told her I like bright colors & the chevron pattern, and said I wanted them to be fun but sophisticated.  She had them ready for pick up within a week of ordering them, too!  I bought the frames on sale at Hobby Lobby, and voila!