Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Letters Were Hung in the Library with Care...

So I've been up to no good once again... I've stolen yet another idea to use in the library! This time my inspiration came from my friend Kim Williams, owner of The Polka Dot Press.

I bought a variety of wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and Michael's (using coupons and teacher discounts, of course!). Dad painted them for us, and then Mom and I mod podged and glued our fingers raw. 

Look closely and see if you can find any hidden words in the letters. We spelled out 3 words - things that students do in the library (and in school).  I'll give you a hint: the letters of each word are designed with similar characteristics. And then Dad suggested we spell out another word - something we have 18,000 of in the library. :)


  1. Love the blog! Gonna add it to my list of must read blogs! I read a great book on creating a blog and building your readership. Let me know if you wanna go that far:)