Thursday, August 16, 2012

Read Me Maybe? (Bulletin Boards, Part 1)

I had already decided what I would put on the library's bulletin boards this year when I found this amazing idea while trolling Pinterest... 

So I scrapped my original plan, and proceeded to steal copy use this idea as inspiration for my own version of the Read Me Maybe bulletin board.  Thanks to, I whipped up some QR codes for 4 of our Florida Teens Read books, and voila!  Scanning the QR codes on a Smartphone (or tablet) takes readers to the book's trailer on

If you need help creating QR codes, hop on over to my pal Gwyneth Jones' Daring Librarian blog for the 411. (And if you're not already following her blog, do it! What are you waiting for? She's awesome!)



  1. LOVE this idea! Where does the QR Code take the teens?
    And super thanks for the ever so kind shout out! W00t!
    ~Gwyneth Jones

  2. Thanks Gwyneth! QR Codes take the reader to the book trailers. I think all the trailers are on because most of Youtube is blocked by the school filter, but schooltube is not.

    Just re-read my post and realized it's not clear what the QR codes are for, so I'm going to edit it. Thanks!