Friday, August 31, 2012

What are you reading?

My students often ask me what I've read lately, and I enjoy talking to them about great books. I wanted to find a way I could visually represent what I've been reading, including a short book review (on the word caption die cut), but I didn't want it to take up too much space.  My library is small, and space is at a premium. So I created these little signs out of scrapbook paper and put them in the window of my office in the library.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Letters Were Hung in the Library with Care...

So I've been up to no good once again... I've stolen yet another idea to use in the library! This time my inspiration came from my friend Kim Williams, owner of The Polka Dot Press.

I bought a variety of wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and Michael's (using coupons and teacher discounts, of course!). Dad painted them for us, and then Mom and I mod podged and glued our fingers raw. 

Look closely and see if you can find any hidden words in the letters. We spelled out 3 words - things that students do in the library (and in school).  I'll give you a hint: the letters of each word are designed with similar characteristics. And then Dad suggested we spell out another word - something we have 18,000 of in the library. :)

Tweet! Tweet! (Bulletin Boards, Part 2)

I was uber lucky to have help this summer from two of my fave teenagers, Mac and Elena, who are high school students (though not at my high school). In exchange for soda, chips, and some community service hours, they helped me with a variety of projects in the library, including creating this awesome bulletin board.

I told them I wanted to put up a bulletin board over the students' printer where I could post announcements for the students.  They asked if they could collage it. I said sure!  I mentioned the announcements would be short, like Tweets, and they ran with it.

And here's the awesome end result!

Read Me Maybe? (Bulletin Boards, Part 1)

I had already decided what I would put on the library's bulletin boards this year when I found this amazing idea while trolling Pinterest... 

So I scrapped my original plan, and proceeded to steal copy use this idea as inspiration for my own version of the Read Me Maybe bulletin board.  Thanks to, I whipped up some QR codes for 4 of our Florida Teens Read books, and voila!  Scanning the QR codes on a Smartphone (or tablet) takes readers to the book's trailer on

If you need help creating QR codes, hop on over to my pal Gwyneth Jones' Daring Librarian blog for the 411. (And if you're not already following her blog, do it! What are you waiting for? She's awesome!)