Friday, April 6, 2012

And the winner is..........

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins! It was a tough tournament, and just like the NCAA basketball tournament, there were some surprises and upsets.

The students and teachers loved it, and we will definitely hold another March Madness Book Tournament next year!


  1. I love your book tournament idea! Do you mind sharing how you set this up?

  2. Gladly! You'll find some information about it in this post:

    But the gist of it is that some 10th graders and I chose 16 books together - some current popular titles and some classics that they read in their English classes. We used a mix so that many students could vote, including those who hadn't read the new popular YA lit.

    I literally painted the bracket onto the window of my office, and put out a ballot box and the ballots. We did 4 rounds (16 titles became 8 titles; 8 titles became 4 titles; 4 titles became 2 titles; and the championship). After each round, I advanced the winners by painting their titles on the next level of the bracket.

    There are many blank, printable basketball brackets online to use as a guide. We promoted the tournament on the morning news and in the English classes.

    It was really fun! I'm definitely going to do it again this year. My school is K-12, but I only did the tournament with my secondary students. It could be really fun with the elementary kids (especially since they read so much), but they always get to do the "fun" stuff. ;) The older kids LOVED having a reading program that the elementary kids couldn't participate in.

    Enjoy! Let me know if you have any other questions!