Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Madness in the FSUS Library

I have wanted to do a March Madness Book Tournament for 5 years!

With the help of some of the sophomores, we created the list of 16 books for the tournament. These are books that are all-around popular, or that they enjoyed reading in their middle school and high school English classes.  The students did the seeding on the bracket, and then I painted the bracket on the windows of my office.

Middle school and high school students will vote for their favorite books on the bracket. Voting in Round 1 started today and continues through tomorrow. Round 2 will take place Thursday & Friday, Round 3 will be next Monday & Tuesday, and the final round will be next Wednesday & Thursday.  We'll announce the winning book on Friday, April 6 on the school's morning news show (and here, of course!)  I can't wait to see which book wins!
Photo of March Madness Round 1 Ballot

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